Police Shut Down Illegal Casino in Oakland, CA


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End of the Line for Illegal Casino

Another illegal gambling site was shut down in Oakland, CA. The police attacked and surprising the operation and discovering a cache of weapons and illicit drugs. Oakland has seen a number of illegal casinos shut down in the past year.

The Oakland Police Department (OPD) indicated in a press release that officials last Wednesday issued a search warrant for property on East 16th Street. In the process, they confiscated ten guns, including four assault guns with extended magazines, 5.5 pounds. methamphetamine and 15.5 pounds of marijuana.

The OPD added that the street value for illegal methamphetamine was $ 70,000. Marijuana, on the other hand, is legal in the city, as well as throughout the state. Additionally, agents seized 12 allegedly illegal gaming machines and over $ 7,000 in cash.

Three Raids in Seven Months in Oakland

Two other illegal gambling establishments were closed by police in July and October last year. The first was in residence on 14th Avenue and the second was on 17th Avenue.

In the first incident, police raided an illegal casino in East Auckland and confiscated weapons, drugs and slot machines. Police said at the time that the robbery was partly due to numerous complaints from the public.

Officers seized 18 illegal casinos gaming machines during the bust. Eight firearms were also seized, including two assault rifles and 30 high-capacity magazines, as well as a bulletproof vest.

The officers seized drugs with street values exceeding $76,000, including heroin, methamphetamines, and 60 bottles of promethazine. More than $21,000 worth of cash was also confiscated. Only one person was taken into custody.

In the second incident, four loaded firearms, a 50-round drum magazine, and a flamethrower were all seized during a search. Eight gambling machines, $17,500 in cash, and a quarter-pound each of suspected methamphetamines were among the other items that were seized. Police also seized a large amount of tar heroin.

Police said at least 11 people were taken into custody during the search and two others were detained on outstanding warrants. A third suspect in the alleged gambling activity was also detained on suspicion of possession of a firearm.


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