Evolution Has Released a Dice Version of Baccarat Called Bac Bo


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Evolution leaked a new game via Twitter about two weeks ago but it took an official announcement on Tuesday to start the wires on fire with the news. The new game is called Bac Bo and it pays homage to the simple game of baccarat while using dice rather than cards to determine play.

Baccarat or punto banco is a game steeped in mystery and intrigue, but it really is as easy to play online as flipping a coin in person would be – if a coin landed on its edge about one in eleven times rather than about one in six-thousand times as a coin might.

Evolution’s Constant Innovation Continues

Always innovative with new ways to play customer favourites, Evolution has taken any confusion out of how the game is dealt by eliminating cards altogether and using dice to score points. Players still bet on the banker hand or the player hand (almost the same odds as flipping a coin) but the hand values are determined by the value of the sum of two dice.

The table has four individual shakers for the dice so no ‘golden touch’ croupier could mess with the outcome if they wanted to. Two of the shakers pop the dice for the Banker “hand” and two pop them for the Player “hand”.

Rather than incorporating “third dice” rules in the event of certain initial results, scoring is simply based on the sum of the two dice in each hand with the higher pip count winning. The result will always be that the banker’s hand wins, the player’s hand wins, or a tie. Ties can pay up to 88:1 rather than the 8:1 payout that emerges naturally from the odds in the original game of baccarat.

Blends the Essence of Sic Bo with baccarat

Chief Product Officer at Evolution, Todd Haushalter said: “Bac Bo is another unique creation from our very talented product team and developers. It blends the essence of two classic games, Baccarat and Sic Bo, and creates something entirely new and different. You get the elegant flow and excitement of a ‘come from behind win’ that makes Baccarat so popular – but with the visual excitement of a dice game.”

The CPO added: “Whilst very much in the spirit of Baccarat, Bac Bo is a game that’s quick to understand. It has easier to follow rules and gameplay compared with Baccarat, with just the outcome of the simple dice rolls to consider. The dice rolls – and the excitement – just keep on coming!

Source: Take a look at Bac Bo, our first game release of 2022!, Evo_global, Twitter, January 10, 2022


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